The Beauty Blogger Tag Part 2

What are your top 3 make-up staples that you always have to wear?
Nail polish, black mascara and red/dark pink/purple lipstick.

What is your favourite drugstore brand?
Barry M.

Smoky eyes or a strong lip?
Strong bold lip.

What is your skincare routine?
Cleansing and moisturising my skin are important techniques for me. I like to use face masks, I like to exfoliate my body and I use body butter to moisturise my face, hands and body.

What is your best make-up tip?
Take off your makeup before you go to bed.

What is your favourite facial feature?
My eyes.

What is your favourite lip shade to wear?
Dark purple shades (with hints of red or pink tones.)

First make-up item you ever bought?
When I was a teenager I bought pink eyeliner from Claire's Accessories, but I didn't use it.

What brands do you trust to last a long day out & about?
Beauty UK, Models Own and Barry M.

Do you save or splurge when it comes to beauty brands?
I like to save. I can buy high-quality drugstore beauty products.

Naked or Smoky Eye?
Naked eye with a stroke of eyeliner and black mascara.

Best skincare tip?
Drink loads of water everyday.

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