My smartphone is the Motorola G (2nd Generation). It's not a top of the range Android phone but I love it because it has all the features that I need.
The only problem is that I find it extremely hard to find a case for my phone. Sometimes when I am out shopping I see some snazzy cases but they are created for the latest iPhones or top of the range Samsung phones and that is a bit disappointing.

My best bet was to search for phone cases on eBay and Amazon, so I did that and I ordered a phone case from Amazon, but the supplier was based in Hong Kong and it took a month for my case to arrive.

I ordered a pretty floral one and I really liked using it as a protective case for my phone, but now it has come apart so I've stopped using it.

I didn't want to bother searching for another case so I decided that it would be best for me to decorate my phone myself. I bought butterfly stickers from Paperchase for a quid and placed the stickers on the back of my phone.

This is the finished result. I think they look pretty cool!

I love being creative.

I also discovered a website called GoCustomized, where you can design your own phone case and have it send out to you! Plus you can order a case for most smartphones and that's great! I might place an order in future.

Where do you buy your phone case? And what is your phone manufacturer and model?


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