Natural World Coconut Water Hydration & Shine Range*

Afro hair care is extremely important to me, and it has taken me years and years to get it right and to establish a haircare regimen.

One technique that works well for me is using coconut hair products. If a product has coconut in it, then it's going on my skin and hair because coconut hair and skin products are moisturising and nourishing.

So when I received the opportunity to review Natural World's Coconut Water Hydration & Shine range, I was thrilled!

I recently got my hair braided so before I went to visit my hairdresser, I washed my hair with the Hydration and Shine Shampoo and the Hydration and Shine Conditioner. Once I had finished washing my hair I applied the Hydration and Shine Weightless Hair Oil.

First of all, I love the sweet coconut scents of the shampoo and conditioner - the products smell delicious! After washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner my hair felt fresh and smooth. Secondly, I love the feeling of the oil on my hair. It's certainly weightless, so it doesn't feel thick on my hair or as if it's weighing it down. I use oils and moisturisers for my hair, and the weightless oil is so silky smooth on my hair and my braids. However, I don't think the oil is great for my scalp (I'm prone to suffering from an itchy, flaky and dry scalp, which has always been the bane of my life) so I will keep on moisturising my scalp using pure coconut oil.

Overall, I am very pleased with Natural World's Coconut Water Hydration & Shine range, and as a satisfied beauty blogger and consumer, I'll be purchasing the range sometime soon once I've used up the products.

*A massive thank you to Rhiannon at Natural World for sending me the Natural World Coconut Hydration & Shine Range! I really appreciate it. :)

*All opinion are 100* my own.

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