#GGBlogChallenge: Things I'm Grateful For

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Gratitude is such an important trait to possess. It is so easy to look at the negatives of life - it's a bad habit and I know I do this often. But showing gratitude means that you simply counting your blessings.

I have been in many situations in my life where I was constantly undervalued and underappreciated. I think that those who didn't appreciate me were like that because they were just bitter, insecure and blind to transparency, plus they tend to have very unrealistic expectations of others. When people don't appreciate me it makes me feel bad inside and I end up feeling resentful.

I've reached a point where I have stopped making an effort for those who don't appreciate me in return. Appreciation is a two-way street and I don't see why I should bother with people who don't appreciate me for who I am.

In time, I am trying to make more of an effort to appreciate the world around me (even though I find it hard) and I am slowly learning to appreciate a lot of things, no matter how big or small they are.

Things I am grateful for:
- My freelance career. Even though I am not a fully-fledged, full-time freelancer (yet) I do have a fair bit of work and I am only just getting started. I think when anyone starts out it's a bit tough, but I know that I must work hard, persevere and be incredibly proactive.

- The blossom trees. Honestly, this is my favourite thing about spring.

- Summer. I love warm weather, longer days, shorter nights, sunshine and clear blue skies.

- Education. I didn't have a good time in the education system but when I went away to university my experience of education was completely different. I have always believed in education: knowledge is power and education equals empowerment.

- My friends. I have a great group of friends. I met a couple of them in high school, one of them at university and some of them at sixth form. They have been there for me through thick and thin and they have always supported me and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

- Blogging. I absolutely love blogging and it's the ideal platform for me because I can share my thoughts and passions on here. It's my own little space on the internet.

- My sense of introversion. I like being an introvert. I love spending time on my own and I enjoy my solitude. I've never been the type of person who needed other people's company 24/7 and after experiencing many moments in my life where I was constantly excluded, targeted, picked on, singled out, persecuted and isolated from various social groups, I have come to realise that sometimes I am just better off on my own. After all, I'd rather be myself all on my own than be a fake person amongst a group of people. I'm used to being the odd one out anyway. Don't get me wrong, I love socialising (with my friends) and networking but sometimes it's nice to just be on my own (not lonely) and to recharge my batteries.

- Living in London. Even though the city has its downsides (pollution, too many people, too expensive to live in) it's very diverse, there are lots of things to do and there are so many opportunities here. There is nowhere like London, and there is no place like home.


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