#GGBlogChallenge: My Bucket List

I write a lot of lists - goals, dreams and plans - but it's time to take action.
I try to take life day by day but I trying to ensure that I am taking necessary action in order to achieve the things I want to achieve.

Something's for sure though: I have a set of goals that keep on coming up time and time again and I know that I want to do more and achieve these goals before I kick the bucket.

Here is my bucket list:
- Travel more. Deep down I am a free spirit at heart and I am determined to travel the world. In fact that is my ultimate goal.

- Complete a masters degree. I am considering studying a degree in media and communications or something related. I love learning, I miss university and I want to gain skills that will be useful for the relevant industries. This time I think I'd like to stay in London for postgraduate study. I need to attend more open days and do more research regarding course modules and funding, but hopefully I'll be able to go back to university and study media at some point.

- Become a full-time boss. I started freelancing a while back and I do enjoy it, but I am not in a position to do it full time...yet, but that's something I'm working towards. I'd also love to make money from my blog.

- Learn to drive. As I live in London I can get away with not knowing how to drive as I pretty much use the transport system, but I really really really want to learn how to drive!!! I've wanted to learn how to drive since I was 17 but I could never afford to do so. At the point in time I'm seriously considering starting up a driving fund.

- Buy my own home. Another dream of mine that seems impossible, but I'm determined to make it happen so that in the future I'll be able to purchase my own humble abode. Speaking of humble abode, I'd like to experience living on my own.

- Write a book. I promise, this isn't the blogger cliche, but yes, I'd like to write a book. I won't say what about, but it would be quite personal.

- Find inner peace. I'm so conflicted with negative thoughts and distressing memories and these affect my mood almost on a daily basis.

What's on your bucket list?

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