#GGBlogChallenge: 5 Assumptions Introverts Are Sick Of Hearing and Reading About

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I am an introvert and I love it.

But do you know what I really hate? Other people's stupid assumptions!

Honestly, it's hard enough living as an introvert in an extroverted world without other people's judgements and stereotypes.

Introversion is not something bad, and it's not something that needs fixing. Introversion isn't black and white, but introverts possess specific traits that are different to extroverts.

But despite this, I feel as though some people just don't get it. I've had to cut ties with so-called 'friends' (at university) and I've fallen out with most of the housemates and flatmates I've ever lived with because they simply couldn't be bothered to respect me for who I was. A lot of them would set out to 'fix' me and cross my boundaries instead of accepting me for who I was and giving me the space I needed.

As an introvert, I believe I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, but these assumptions are just so annoying:

1. We're rude.
No we're not. We just like our own company and we don't feel the need to hang out with others 24/7. Deal with it.

2. We're socially-awkward
No we're not. Some of us like to socialise but at the end of the day we need to be able to recharge our batteries. I like to socialise during the day but by the evening I like to be in bed with a tablet in my hand, binge-watching reality TV shows and YouTube videos.

Also, we are selective with the people we socialise with. These days I'm very picky with who I hang around with. I can't hang out with loads of people, I can't hang out with toxic, lazy and unambitious people, and I only hang out with my wonderful friends because I love their company and we have a lot in common.

3. We're cold and standoffish.
I get that some people might assume that I'm cold-hearted and standoffish because sometimes I can be guarded, I don't open up to people I don't know unless I trust them (and that's rare) and because sometimes I just don't want to engage in a conversation. It's nothing personal, I'm not being horrible but I am not going to force myself to open up to people and talk when I don't want to - I don't owe anybody that.

Newsflash: if I am being cold, distant and standoffish with you then chances are it's because I really don't like you and I think you're an unkind person - you'll notice this eventually. If this is you, just move on with your life and get over it, I really don't owe you anything and I haven't got the time or energy to appease anybody.

4. We're reclusive.
No word of a lie: introverts love solitude, and we like to keep ourselves to ourselves and do our own thing. Solitude means so much to mean, it's essential to my health and happiness, and after spending a big chunk of my life being isolated and alienated from various groups and being singled out, picked on, humiliated and backed into a corner whilst hanging out with certain groups of people, I've come to realise that I am better off on my own anyway. Once again, it's nothing against you and we don't feel the need to hang out with people 24/7 - that would be a nightmare anyway! But we're not reclusive - we still have social lives.

5. We're shy.
Not strictly true. I guess some of us are shy but some of us does not equal all of us. I was extremely shy, passive and timid as a child and teenager (and even in my first couple of years at university) but I find I am not like that anymore.

Things about introverts that are true

We love solitude.
We love it! Honestly, we need solitude in order to function. Life gets a bit too much for me so I need to be able to retreat in order to relax and regain a sense of self-consciousness. I also find that in my moments of solitude, I am more able to figure who I am without feeling drowned out by dogma and I can refocus on what I truly want.

We overthink.
Yes, I am so guilty of this! Introverts are very deep thinkers so we can't help it.

We are highly sensitive.
Yep - that's me all over. Things get to me much more and cut me really deep. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am in tune with my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

We are easily drained by the world around us.
Honestly, I can't always put my finger on this. Maybe it's because this world puts extroversion on a (very) high pedestal. Maybe it's because the world isn't always a nice place. Maybe it's because society demands so much of us. I live in London (which for me as an introvert is heaven and hell at the same time) and I just can't stand the rush-rush nature of things. So yes, we need to recharge because the world drains us.

We prefer deep conversations over small talk.
I have absolutely no time for gossip, idle chit chat, toxic talk, one-sided dialogues and superficial conversations. I like to have in-depth conversations that are meaningful, not stupid conversations. #sorrynotsorry

We write better than we speak.
Yes, definitely! I find it so much easier to express myself through the power of words and phrases, but then again, that's because I was born to write.

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