#GGBLOGCHALLENGE: 15 Interesting Facts About Me

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I'm sure you guys know a bit about me, but let's discuss anyway!

1. I'm a Londoner born and raised - but you all knew that already!

2. I love political satire. I grew up watching Bremner, Bird & Fortune (ask your parents) and I watch Have I Got News For You from time to time.

3. Since I left sixth form years ago I've had such a horrible time in employment (and in unemployment) so a while back after being messed around in my post-graduation job I decided to go freelance in order to establish my dream career as a freelance writer and content creator, and in order to be my own boss. Go me!

4. I graduated from the University of Leeds in July 2016 with a 2:1 in Politics and Sociology and I would like to study a postgraduate course in media and communications.

5. I was such a perfectionist growing up, but that's mentally damaging. I've learned that I'm not perfect and that's okay. It's better to make mistakes, learn from them and move on instead of sweating over the small stuff and treating yourself as a failure by default.

6. Some of my friends keep on telling me to do YouTube, but I'm not sure - I'm a bit anxious about it! I'm more of a writer and I can't see myself on video. I'd love to do Instagram Live once that feature becomes available on my phone.

7. Back to the topic of university - when I was 17 a so-called 'mentor' told me that I would never go to university "no matter how determined" I was. Needless to say, I've clearly proved her wrong and I am planning on studying a masters in the future. Yay for crappy life advice from adults who think they know better!

8. When I was younger I wanted to be so many things. I wanted to be an author/journalist/businesswoman/cosmetic scientist/makeup artist. I think life has a mysterious way of working itself out because I have since become a freelance writer and I am a beauty blogger! Also, I'd like to write a book in the future.

9. I've only been to three places in the world, and most of the trips I've been on have been terrible. I really believe that when it comes to travelling you should travel with people you trust, people who respect you, people who care about you and people who want to make sure that everyone is having a good time.

10. I'd rather save than spend. I like to buy nice things but saving for a rainy day makes me so much happier in the long run.

11. I don't like people very much. It takes a lot for me to like others and I'm so wary of people's intentions when they enter my life. Maybe it's because the world's a horrible place, there are a lot of nasty people out there and I've had a lot of terrible times in my life.

12. I can't stand bad manners. I'm not very judgemental but bad manners make me think less of a person. Sorry.

13. I don't speak to any of my ex-housemates and ex-flatmates. In my first two years of university I lived with a group of girls. Then the next year I lived in a flat in private halls with a bunch of strangers. Then after that, when I reached my final year, I moved flats and lived with another bunch of strangers. Then when I graduated from university I lived in a houseshare with mostly professionals and a couple of students. Do I speak to any of them? No (except for one person). Do I care? Nope. Not every single person I lived with was bad but quite a lot of them were vicious, manipulate and spiteful. I'm so glad I don't live with them or speak to them anymore because they were so horrible to me. As the saying goes, good riddance to bad rubbish.

14. I still watch cartoons and I'm 24 years old. Cartoons are for adults too!

15. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is one of my favourite shows ever!


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