Find Your Co-Working Space

Since November of last year I have been working from home, apart from the times when I've completed work placements.

I prefer to work from home. I find that I am much more comfortable and I actually get more work done. I don't like to work in cafes and coffee shops and I'd happily work from my local library if the internet connection was private instead of public.

I'm become more familiar with the concept of co-working, which is all about working in a non-traditional workspace alongside like-minded creative individuals who are also freelancers such as writers, bloggers, copywriters, social media professionals, illustrators and designers.

I've always wanted a writing/blogging buddy because even though working as a remote writer is a dream for me (I am introvert), I like to bounce ideas off other people and I like the idea of working in a positive, supportive and non-traditional environment with people who are aspiring to achieve the same goals as myself.

Many companies - such as Hubble - are catching on to the idea and creating designated co-working spaces. I've been having a look on the Hubble website and the best thing about the site is that I can search for co-working locations around London, and I can select a co-working space that's tailored to me. I'm a freelancer so I'd pick a space that's tailored to that, but you can find spaces for creative agencies and start-ups too. Also, I don't have a high budget but the best thing about Hubble is that I can select an office that is in line with my budget.

After researching with Hubble, I would definitely consider using a co-working space at some point.

Have you ever used a co-working space? Do you have a blogging buddy?

*I wrote this post in collaboration with Hubble, but all opinions are my own.


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