Ethical Fashions on a Student Budget

 The topic of fashion brands using labour workers less economically developed countries continues to be a contentious issue.  Many fashion brands continue to use slave labourers in the 3rd world in order to produce clothing and accessories.  Many of us continue to purchase these items from these brands, unaware of what really goes on behind the production line – inadequate conditions, extremely low pay, unfair treatment of staff, no time off for sickness and maternity, etc.  Many companies continue to turn a blind eye to the slave labour conditions in less economically developed countries because outsourcing labour to these countries is cheaper than employing British workers in the UK.

Students are usually on a tight budget - and I should know! I lived as a poor student throughout my time at university. Even so, we can't help treating ourselves to a shopping spree. However, you can purchase from ethical fashion brands who don't use slave labour to produce clothing and accessories - all on a student budget.

Here are some ethical fashion brands on a student budget.

Oxfam is a charity that aims to help the deprived in less-economically developed countries to improve their lives, particularly those with little to no access to basic needs – food, sanitation, medicines and water.  Oxfam shops sell unique second-hand and vintage clothing and the money you spend is donated to Oxfam's charity work.

Lush Cosmetics
The Lush Handmade Cosmetics company doesn't just create sweet smelling bath bombs, shampoos and creams, but the company also supports various charitable causes.  Lush gives away some of its profits to causes concerning animal rights, human rights and the environment.  Lush Cosmetics are quite expensive, but the products are fresh, natural, smell great and are great for treating yourself!

Antiform is a fashion brand based in Leeds which aims to promote affordable, unique, ethical and sustainable designs.  Their pieces of clothing, for men and women, are made in England.

Kitty DoLittle
Going by the slogan “DoLittle, Livealot,” Kitty DoLittle is an independent online shop selling women's fashion accessories.  The luxury 'eco chic' accessories are priced from £15 and are ethical, fair-trade, handmade, sustainable and British-made.

Hannah Zakari
Hannah Zakari is a shop and online boutique based in Edinburgh.  It sells jewellery and accessories created by independent designers, and it also sells bags, art, stationary and clothing.

Can you recommend any ethical fashion and beauty brands?


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