What I Have Enjoyed Watching On YouTube

I love watching YouTube videos. I usually watch YouTube videos in my spare time, or when I am in bed.

I watch a lot of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel vlogs and I watch some YouTubers more regularly than others. Over the past few weeks though, there are a few channels and videos that I have watched, which I've enjoyed watching and have stood out to me.

I had heard of Gabriella Lindley (aka Velvetgh0st) ages ago, but I only started watching her vlogs a few months ago and I have really enjoyed watching her trips out, her hauls and what she's received in her PO Box. I really enjoyed her Vlogmas videos too.

I've been reading Em Sheldon's blog EmTalks for years (and she even went to my university!) She started her YouTube ages ago but over the last few months she has invested more time and effort into it and her videos have been wonderful to watch. She vlogs (and blogs) about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel, but she also keeps it real and she's quiet honest and frank. I liked her video on the best beauty products of 2016, and I loved her videos on mean girls and her life updates because I can 100% relate.

Daniella Christina is the sister of Sammi Maria (aka Beauty Crush) and she has her own YouTube channel. She started YouTube ages ago but then stopped uploading. Daniella recently returned to YouTube to give updates on her life and share her beauty favourites. She spoke about suffering from depression and I find this admirable because even in this day and age, speaking about mental health issues is a taboo subject so when a YouTuber speaks out, that breaks down the stigma a little bit and YouTube is a wonderful platform for that.

Jeemun is a really good friend of mine and I have known her for years. She vlogs about hair, beauty and fitness but she also vlogs about life and inspiration. Her 'power of words' video was very interesting because sometimes people don't always realise the effect words can have on others - or they are aware but they simply don't care. When toxic people chat nonsense about you or other people, it's usually best to take a step back and question their words, and it's important to surround yourself with people use their words to lift you up, not put you down.

I don't watch Celebrity Big Brother but I heard about Kim Woodburn's time in the house. In fact, I watched the argument between her and her housemates that led to Big Brother's security getting involved. I came across clip featuring Woodburn's appearance on ITV's This Morning, which was kind of hilarious and ended with her calling Phillip Schofield a "big phony" for being 'impartial.' I'm not taking sides and I am not agreeing or disagreeing with her but I do find it admirable that she has a zero tolerance for nonsense and she doesn't suffer fools gladly. She is not afraid to tell you straight what she thinks and she is not afraid to stand up for herself.

Don't mess with her!

This video is one of my favourites at the moment. I subscribed to Freddy My Love a while ago but this is the first video I have watched on her channel. I am a huge fan of model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley so when this video popped up in my feed I clicked on it straight away. The video features Rosie and Freddy talking about what they keep in their handbags, including must have beauty essentials and some of Rosie's beauty products from her current and upcoming Autograph beauty range for Marks & Spencer.

What YouTube videos have you enjoyed watching? Link them in the comments section below!


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