Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas: Literature, Theatre and Travel

As much as I love writing (and reading) posts on fashion and beauty, my heart lies within lifestyle writing.

I feel as though lifestyle blogging comes natural to me and it seems so much 'easier' because my opinions are often the focus point.

I tend to write more 'life,' 'comment' and 'opinion' posts anyway, but I want to branch out into writing articles on other sections, including:

I really want to get into the habit of reading more novels this year. I've always been a bookworm and I tried to get into this last year but I wasn't entirely successful. Years of a studying a demanding, literature-heavy and essay-heavy course meant that by the time I was done with my assignments, I did not have the time to read - which sounds a bit silly because I could have made the effort to make time, but it's kind of hard to do that when you have a gazillion academic reading lists to get through.

So I want to read more books - I have stacks and stacks of them! Plus I want to review them too, and that is one of my challenges this year.

10 blog post ideas for literature:
1. My top ten reads of this year
2. Book review
3. My favourite romance/action/chick-lit/any genre novels
4. Top 5 non-fictional books
5. Top 5 fictional books
6. Top reads for your train journey
7. Quick reads (if you don't have time to read)
8. My favourite authors
9. Trending/popular/best-selling books on Amazon
10. 10 traits of a bookworm

I used to go to the theatre when I was much younger, but unfortunately I haven't been to the theatre in years. I hope I will get into the swing of going to theatre shows this year - there are so many I'd love to see. I'm into that kind of thing anyway.

10 blog post ideas for theatre:
1. Musical theatre bucket list
2. Theatre bucket list
3. My favourite theatre/musical theatre show
4. Theatre/musical theatre show review
5. Day out in the West End (what I went to see, what I wore, what I did, where I ate)
6. Deals and discounts on theatre tickets
7. Top 10 theatre blogs
8. How to start a theatre blog
9. Theatre competitions/offers
10. My first trip to the theatre

It's quite hard to write about travel when you don't travel as often as you would like to. I wrote a post about how to blog about travel when you can't afford to do so - which you can read here - and even though it is hard, there are ways around it, such as finding inspiration. It's something I've had to start getting used to because I work as freelance content writer for a content marketing agency that works with travel clients, and because I write for a travel and lifestyle magazine - titled House of Coco.

10 blog post ideas for travel:
1. My favourite staycations
2. 24/48/72 hours in...[insert destination here]
3. My travel bucket list 2017
4. My planned trips for this year/next year/next 5 years/next 10 years
5. My favourite travel blogs
6. Holiday deals and discounts
7. Travel competitions
8. My ideal destination
9. Travel tag
10. My ideal travel tour

What are your favourite topics to blog about?


  1. Really like you plan for the book and travel blog posts, especially the books because its easier and cheaper to read than travel although travel is so important in life :)

    1. Yep! :) Though I'm realising that travel can still be affordable in some ways, but you are right: books are cheaper and they can help you to broaden the mind, which is the same thing with travel. :)