A Taste of PR...

Recently, I spent a week gaining experience at Aberfield Communications, a top PR, social media and brand communications located in the city centre of Leeds.
For myself, I have always had a huge interest in working in media and communications. I applied for a job at Aberfield, and while I didn't get the role, they felt as though I made a wonderful impression and I was clearly passionate, so they were really keen for me to come in for a week and gain some experience.

This was a great opportunity for me, because even though I have plenty of experience and transferable skills - I have worked in marketing, print and online media, social media and promotions - I have never ever interned at a PR agency, so I am very grateful for this opportunity.

In a nutshell I learned in a lot in a short space of time. I learned how to write a press release - yay! About time! I also had to:
- Research media outlets and digital media influencers.
- Write articles from press releases for different audiences.
- Draft article pieces and social media posts.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time there and I learned so much. Most importantly, it re-ignited my passion for media and communications. I love to write and I love the media world, so PR seems like the right industry for me.

I wrote about my experience on Aberfield's blog, which you can read about here: "A Taste of PR": A Week of Work Experience at a PR Agency.

Do you work in PR? Have you ever interned at a PR agency?


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