10 Ways to Make it Through Monday after a Crazy Weekend

The weekends are the best time for relaxing and letting loose!  However, time flies by so fast when you are having fun and enjoying yourself, and before you know, you're back to the daily grind of the working week.

We all hate Mondays, and sometimes find them to be a bit of a struggle, so here are ten ways to make it through Monday after a crazy weekend.

1. Eat breakfast.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  Breakfast is like fuel – you wouldn't drive a car without fuel so why go about your day without breakfast?  Aim to eat a healthy breakfast – I like to eat plain porridge oats every morning - in order to keep yourself functioning until lunch.

2. Hydrate yourself.
Water is a great way to cleanse your body and keep you hydrated, and it is a much better alternative to caffeine drinks such as energy drinks and coffee.

3. Take a break and relax.
Take some time out and give yourself a break, even if it's for five minutes.  Sometimes it may seem tempting to keep on working and completing tasks for as long as possible, but taking a break is essential for productivity and staying focused.

4. Go for a stroll.
In addition to taking a break, going for a walk is a great way to to de-stress yourself, take and break, relax your mind and find peace away from the Monday blues.

5. Unwind.
Like relaxing and going for a walk in the park, winding down on a Monday is a great way to get through it.  Unwind and relax by reading a book, switching off technological devices, listening to music, having a chat with a colleague, drinking a cup of tea, etc.

6. Do some exercise.
A little bit of exercise as part of your morning routine is great as it can get you going, and it keeps your body fit and your mind active.

7. Drink a cup of tea…
...or hot chocolate!  Or a coffee/latte/frappĂ©/cappuccino if you feel like it!

8. Stay organised and be productive.
Keep on top of your tasks by writing out to do lists and prioritising the things you need to get done.  This keeps you focused and motivated.

9. Snack on fruit…
...instead of sugary snacks.  Sugar snacks increase your levels of hyperactivity and then lead you on to feeling really sluggish.  Fruit doesn't have that effect, as it contains natural sugar and vitamins which strengthen your immune system.

10. Stay positive!
Mondays can be dull but staying positive is a great way to get through the day.  Be nice to others, do nice things, and don't let the daily slog get you down.

How do you cope with Mondays?

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