Blogmas Day 18: My Christmas Traditions

I really don't believe in tradition whatsoever because I like to bend the rules, but in my life there are certain aspects of Christmas which have become established.
Visiting Winter Wonderland.
I love Winter Wonderland. I have been a few times and I guess I should get bored of it by now but I love all that it has to offer: rides, markets, and attractions.

Treating myself to a seasonal drink.
I love hot chocolate but at this time of year I love seasonal drinks: Bailey's hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, black forest hot chocolate from Costa and honeycomb hot chocolate from Starbucks.

Eating Guylian chocolate.
I really don't know why this has become a thing for me but it has. I love Guylian chocolate and I always buy the small box - with chocolates shaped as seashells and seahorses every Christmas.

Eating Chinese on Christmas Eve.
This is something my family and I do on most Christmas Eves - though I don't think this is a like an established tradition.

The tree
My family isn't big on Christmas trees but I am, so this year I bought my own.

Christmas entertainment!
I watch/listen to all the Christmas movies, films, music, carols - you name it!

What are your Christmas traditions?

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