"Should I Take A Gap Year?"

If you are in college or sixth form (or even at university) at the moment, this post will be relevant to you.

Some of you might be thinking about taking a gap year after college/sixth form or university. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what you want to decide but here's take on this topic.

I previous wrote about taking a gap year, and you can read that post here. My sentiments have not changed since I published that post.

I believe there are a lot of common assumptions surrounding taking a gap year, and I believe those assumptions are a load of BS. Some people think that taking a gap year is detrimental to your education, but I think that's a load of nonsense.

After sixth form, I took a year out because I struggled to get into university the first time, plus I needed a break. I was suffering from severe burnout as a result of struggling with A Levels and dealing with family issues on top of that too.

I decided to take a year out of education because I wanted to get some work experience and reapply to university. During my gap year I worked as a freelance writer for a very well known student website and I worked in retail. I did a little bit of work experience at an MPs office. I reapplied to study social science courses with a foundation year too. On top of this I made sure I got some well-earned rest, because I didn't rest at all during my A Levels (and that affected me mentally.) During my A Levels I didn't sleep or eat properly and I was going through some personal stuff.

Taking a gap year was one of the best decisions I ever made, and it put me in good stead. I took a break from education, earned some money, got onto my dream course at a fantastic university, got some work experience and continued to build up my portfolio.

Loads of people told me not to take a gap year, loads of people told me to go to any university straight after A Levels with places to fill, and loads of people told me that taking a gap year would make me change my mind about going to university. What a load of BS! If anything, my gap year made me want to attend university even more!

Taking a gap year is great if:
- You don't know what you want to do over the next few years
- You want/need work experience, or you want to complete an internship
- You want to apply/reapply to university
- You need to save up money (I would recommend a gap year to anyone receiving the basic loan from SFE)
- You want/need to take a break from education for a bit
- You want to complete retakes or gain extra qualifications
- You want to travel

I sound biased, but I think taking a gap is a fantastic idea if it's what you want to do, and it's something to consider before or after university.

Are you considering a gap year?

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