Thursday, November 17, 2016

Some of you might be participating in Secret Santa this year, so you might be searching for some gift ideas that will please the person you are purchasing the item for.

I know the feeling. I've participated in Secret Santa in the past and I would purchase pretty gifts below a certain budget (usually £10-£15.) I'm not stingy but I prefer not to buy Christmas presents for loads of people. In fact, I don't buy Christmas presents at all, I only buy Christmas cards and that's it. I have my reasons, which I think I might talk about in another post.

Anyway, if you are stuck for ideas and/or you don't want to spend too much, there are some cool gifts you can pick from for your colleague, friend, housemate, flatmate or family member.

Here are some gift ideas!

Are you taking part in Secret Santa this year?

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  1. Oh what perfect timing I got a close friend but don't know what to get her or is mum or dad will allow any tips??? :-!



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