Irritating Blogger Emails

As a blogger I sometimes receive emails from brands and PRs regarding potential collaborations and opportunities.
Sometimes, I receive emails that are just downright annoying - and are almost taking the piss. I think that some PRs and brand owners think that they can take advantage of bloggers and mess them around in the name of gaining publicity for themselves and that is not okay at all. At the end of the day, if a brand owner or PR representative wants me to collaborate with them, then it has to benefit both of us, not just them. I work very hard on my blog and I spend a lot of time on it and I do have certain expectations when I am approached, so I don't expect the irritating blogger emails that I sometimes receive.

Not addressing me by my name
It's quite obvious what my name is - look at the title! So when someone sends me an email starting with 'Dear Blogger' or 'Dear Owner' that puts me right off and it shows me that they've not bothered to research who I am. Plus, it's a bit rude!

Offering me an "opportunity" to write a post on my blog for free/a chance to win a competition/a chance to be featured on social media or the website
This is out of order. Like I said before I spend a lot of time investing a lot of hard work and effort into my blog. Also, I'm a grown adult with financial commitments, so offering me the "chance" to be "featured" (translation: asking me to work for free to give you free publicity) is disrespectful of my time, effort and talent. If you approach me for a collaboration, I expect payment or compensation in return. I don't expect to be used and taken advantage of and I shall not tolerate that.

Sending me opportunities for collaboration on topics which are irrelevant to my blog
If you read my blog, then you should know that I blog about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. I am willing to venture out and blog about other topics - i.e. politics, society, literature, arts and culture - and sometimes I do, but there are certain topics that I clearly don't blog about. Whenever I receive irrelevant emails I just delete them because it shows me that the person has not done their research. Also, bear in mind that for ethical and moral reasons, there are certain topics I don't (and will not) blog about.

Asking me for no declaration
If a brand owner or PR agent asks me to produce content, but then they ask me to not declare that it's sponsored/comped, I will refuse to carry out the work and I will blacklist that brand. Also, I won't tolerate being asked to write a 'positive review' and I will not accept do-follow links. Honesty and integrity are important traits of mine and I will not sacrifice those just to please a brand or a PR.

Sending me harassing emails
This annoys me know end and it's rather pressuring and off-putting. Bloggers, vloggers and digital media influencers have a lot of demands on their time - I know I do! So I really don't appreciate it when brands and PRs constantly hound me requesting my blog post (especially if I'm not getting paid for it), and I don't appreciate it when people constantly hound me about particular collaborations and such like - especially if I have refused to collaborate. It just reeks of desperation.

Do you receive irritating blogger emails sometimes?

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