Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas is coming, and I'm super excited!

Even though I identify as a humanist, I absolutely love Christmas. It's one of my most favourite times of the year, alongside the summer season.

As Christmas is coming very soon, this means that retailers are full of wonderful and fancy items. I'm not exactly the most materialistic and I really don't like how commercialised Christmas is. For myself, Christmas is a time for eating at feast, listening to festive tunes, watching Christmas films and TV programmes, sending out Christmas cards, reading blogmas posts and watching vlogmas videos on YouTube, decorating the Christmas tree and spending quality time with the people who truly love you and care about you.

Anyway, even if - like me - you are not into buying presents, it's still a good time to treat yourself, or to lust after some wonderful and pretty products.

So... here is my Christmas 'shop' of 2016, featuring all of my top picks of Christmas products that you should definitely get your hands on and purchase.

Take a look!

Are you treating yourself this Christmas? Or are you treating family and friends? Which products will you choose?

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  1. So many picks!! I love Christmas and shopping for others. You really have picked some great christmas buys!
    a life of a charlotte



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