Today's brand in the spotlight is Sparkles Lips.
Sparkles Lips is an online UK shop that loves "everything that shimmers and sparkles." The shop sells glitter for the lips.

I came across this brand when I visited the Olympia Beauty expo, and one of the ladies put some glitter on my lips. Sparkles Lips offer a variety of colours and shades. I love glitter so I think it's pretty cool. I think this would be ideal as a part of the festival, party, boho chic and casual Christmas party.

I must admit, it felt weird having the glitter on my lips when applied, but I got used to it. Be aware though, they bring a lot of attention! Loads of people at the expo noticed my lips with the glitter on and I think some people would have noticed when I made my way home - I actually went on the Overground and the train with this on.

All in all, if you love all things glitter then I would recommend getting some glitter from Sparkles Lips, especially this Christmas.

Check out Sparkles Lips here.

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