5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying In the Sale

During the sales it's so tempting to go on a shopping spree, and spend spend spend! However, sometimes it's best to have a think before purchasing items instead of buying products on impulse. When it comes down to shopping it's important to make informed decisions before spending your money on a product regardless of whether the sales are on or not, so here are five questions to ask yourself before buying in the sale.

1. Can I afford this item?
Even with sale items, you should ask yourself this question. Can you afford to purchase an item without it affecting your budget or bank balance? If the purchase will be detrimental to your budget then maybe you need to rethink it, or look into buying an alternative.

2. Do I really need this item?
Are you buying this item because you need it, want it, or lust after it? You don't have to 'need' the latest clothes but constantly buying clothes can be rather excessive, and you might have that same item at the back of your wardrobe.

3. Why would I want to buy this item?
Is the item worth it? Is it good value? Is it good quality? Why do you want to buy it? Buying a piece of clothing because you love and it and you know you'll wear it is much better than buying it on impulse.

4. Will I wear/use this item?
Would you wear those lovely pair of heels or will they stay hidden away in the corner of your wardrobe? Just because an item is on sale doesn't mean you have to buy it for the sake of it. Buy a product if you know you will wear it regardless of whether it's in the sale or not.

5. If this item was full price, would I purchase it?
Discounted prices encourage us to go out shopping and buy things that we wouldn't buy otherwise. However ask yourself this: would you want to purchase the item full price if you could? If the sale price of the item is the only reason to buy it, then maybe it's better not to buy it at all.

Do you often shop in the sales? Will you go shopping on Boxing Day?

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