Why I Don't Care About Stats Anymore

Monday, October 10, 2016

In the blogging world, statistics are everything, especially if you want to work with brands and/or become a full-time blogger.
As someone who is not a big blogger in the slightest, I know that many brands would never consider working with me because I don't have a huge following.

There have been times where I have felt really disheartened because I have been unable to work with brands I like because my following isn't high, meaning that I don't satisfy their requirements.

At one point I was so fussy about my stats, doing everything I could to increase my numbers on my blog and social media, and reading every blog post I could find relating to the topic.

Then I thought "What am I doing? Why do I care so much?"

I didn't feel satisfied enough, and I started to realise that getting worked up over blogger stats was taking away from blogging as a fun hobby, which is why I started it in the first place, as well as building up my portfolio.

Now I really don't care. I just don't care about statistics anymore.

I really don't give a damn!

My blog is my hobby - a fun and productive hobby to have. It's a place for expression, and a place for escapism. It contains my portfolio, which I have worked hard over several years to buildup extensively. It's where I have strengthened my passion and enthusiasm for writing.

For myself, stats don't factor into my blogging life whatsoever.

I actually miss the days when stats in the blogging world weren't a thing. I understand that brands, PRs and marketers have their requirements and they have to differentiate, but there are some seriously underrated bloggers out there who are not getting a look-in because their stats aren't 'high' enough.

Stats don't faze me whatsoever. I'll just stick to doing what I love because I love it.


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