The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey all!

I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award tag by Billie Geena!

Here are the rules of The Versatile Blogger Award tag:
- Thank the blogger who nominated you.
- Share the award on your blog.
- Share 7 facts about yourself.
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Here are 7 facts about me!
1. I wouldn't say I'm overly obsessed with reality TV, but I absolutely love watching the Real Housewives. It is one of my favourite shows. My favourite franchise is the Real Housewives of New York City (I want that NYC life!) and I have been watching this franchise, the Real Housewives of New Jersey and the Real Housewives of Cheshire. On the topic of reality TV, I also love watching Ladies of London.

Caroline Stanbury is my spirit animal.
2. I love the colour lilac. It has always been my favourite colour, even when I was a little girl. At one point I even had a lilac-coloured phone. In fact, I just love the colour purple. Purple symbolises power, nobility, ambition, wisdom, dignity and independence - all things that represent me!

3. I want to be my own boss. Even though working for yourself has its downsides, it is one of my ultimate goals for the future.

4. Even though I was raised a Christian (CoE), I now identify as a humanist. To be specific, I identify as a secular humanist. I intend to write a post about this in the future but to put it simply, humanists believe that rational and critical thinking and the value and agency of human beings are more important than religious dogma. That does not mean I hate religion, or that I am against it, it just means that I live my life by my own philosophies and I don't need to rely on religion to tell me what to do.

5. I love watching Judge Rinder. I used to watch it a lot at university and I love it. Maybe it's because I do have some interest in law - when I was a kid I wanted to study law and become a lawyer.

6. Speaking of law, in my final year I studied a module in Media Law, which ran over two semesters. I learned about various topics, including an introduction to the law in England and Wales, law and the legal system, defamation and malicious falsehood, privacy and breach of confidentiality, journalists' sources, contempt of court, hateful and offensive speech on social media and human rights in relation to English and media law. I found it challenging and interesting in equal measure, and I came to enjoy it. I got a 2:2 in the module, which was great considering I'd never studied law before. I studied media law because I want to train up as a journalist in the future, and I would highly recommend this module to budding journalists out there!

7. Speaking of journalism, I love writing and my ultimate ambition is to become a (very) well-paid freelance magazine writer. I write for loads of magazines and publications at the moment but on a voluntary basis, so I'd love to get paid for my passion. I even see myself becoming an editor of a magazine (even my own magazine) in the future - watch this space!

Here are my nominations!

Thank you so much to Billie Geena for nominating me!

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