Sunday 2nd October 2016 I took a trip to West London.

I went to the Olympia Beauty event in Kensington Olympia.
I'd been waiting ages to go to this event. I wanted to attend last year but I couldn't because I was away at university. This year I was so determined to go. I had been invited to a good friend's birthday party the day before, so this was a great opportunity to come down to London!

The event was pretty much everything I expected. If, like me, you are a massive beauty fanatic, then Olympia Beauty for you. It's a trade show but it is also a good chance to network, explore new brands, test and swatch products and buy yourself some beauty treats! My regret is that I didn't bring more money, but I was pretty satisfied with my purchases.

I purchased:
- China Glaze nail polishes in shades Cleopatra (gold glitter shimmer) and Brand Spanking New Year (purple glitter)

- Faby nail polish in Tropical Fish (gold glitter)

- Soigne nail polish in Cerise (cherry pink)

Notice how I only purchased nail polishes... :)

I was also gifted Faby nail polishes in shades #Irony (light pink) and Sunglasses and Bikini (blue) and I shall be reviewing these soon and putting my thoughts on my blog so keep an eye out.

I also had the opportunity to try out Sparkles Lips, a beauty brand that specialises in glitter lips - pretty cool - and I will be writing up a brand spotlight post on the brand soon, so look out for that too. They offer a variety of colours so I chose pink.

Here are my glitter lips in all their glory.

Overall, I had a fantastic time at Olympia Beauty, and I would love to go again next year. I think the trade show runs sessions as well so next time I'll try to attend those too. Also, alongside Olympia Beauty was the Beauty Blogger Awards so I would love to go to that too.

I'm such a major beauty lover so Olympia Beauty was perfect for me. When I entered I felt as though I entered beauty heaven. If you love beauty as much as I do then don't forget to make plans to go next year. Olympia Beauty is held at the Olympia exhibition centre in Kensington Olympia on the first Sunday and first Monday of October. Also, if you go, don't forget to bring some money so that you can treat yourself.

Take a look at my pictures.

Have you ever been to Olympia Beauty? If so, what did you think of it? If not, would you consider going in the future?

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