6 Reasons Why I'm So Grateful For My Blog

I started my blog in November 2013.

I decided to start my blog for a number of reasons:
- I needed a productive hobby
- I had started a couple of blogs in the past and they hadn't worked out, but I was still keen.
- I started writing for Lippy No Gloss's fashion blog at university, and this inspired me to start my own.
- I was having issues at the time - I lived with a group of girls and some of them were extremely horrible to me - so I wanted a positive escape in my life.
 - I stumbled upon the blogging world in December 2012, so I felt inspired to start my own blog.
- As I was a keen writer with a desire to go into journalism/PR/marketing/publishing, I was always told to start a blog and create a portfolio.
- I thought a blog would help set me up in good stead for a freelance writing career.
- It seemed like a good idea at the time, and it was!

It's been almost three years, and I am so glad I took the plunge and started my own blog. I loved reading blogs and magazines, but I was so glad to have my own, and it's one of the best decisions I ever made!

When I started my blog, I didn't think about it becoming a huge thing. It's not - I don't have many followers - and I really don't care. I didn't start my blog so that I could be a full-time blogger, or so that I could get freebies, or to earn money, or anything like that. For myself, it was all about honing my passion.

Since then, I've had some pretty cool opportunities. I've been to blogging events and I've been able to join the blogging community which is full of like-minded bloggers like myself.

All in all, I'm grateful for my blog, because:

1. It has given me confidence
I have gradually developed confidence in myself and my abilities since I started blogging. I believe in myself as a writer and I believe I have the potential to go all the way.

2. It's my outlet for creativity
Before I started blogging, I didn't think I had the ability to be creative, but blogging is a creative task in itself. I am always coming up with ideas and figuring out how to put the words down.

3. It has strengthened my passion for writing
I have always been good at writing. I guess that's pretty much all I'm good at. I'm not good at practical subjects like product design, I can't draw, I am not the best with numbers (I'm awful at maths), I don't like sports, and I don't like sciences and I am not good at them (doing chemical experiments in a lab doesn't interest me at all.) Writing seemed to be the perfect fit for me: I've always been good at essay-based subjects - which is one of the reasons why I studied Politics and Sociology at university - and I always loved to write. Since blogging, I have become much more passionate about writing, and I feel like I can totally own my craft: I was born to write and I love what I do.

4. It has opened doors for me
As a result of my blog, I have been able to attend events and meet fellow bloggers. I have been able to find a place in a community - blogging communities such as The Girl Gang. I have been able to strengthen my CV, add to my LinkedIn profile, get writing gigs and get a job related to writing - all because of my blog.

5. It's my platform for self-expression
Blogging gives me my own space for expression my opinions. I can talk about whatever I want (within reason of course.)

6. It's my form of escapism
Sometimes life can get a bit too much, so my blog is like a place of escapism for me and writing is a way for me to de-stress.

Why did you start blogging?


  1. I'm the same as you- while I wouldn't mind having the opportunity to blog full time, I blog to build a portfolio for myself, develop my writing skills and further my end career! I don't worry too much about stats or followers etc!

    1. Same here! When I started worrying about stats and followers I put so much pressure on myself and that dampened my passion. Ever since I stopped caring, I have felt more able to focus on my passion and the real reasons why I started blogging. :)

  2. I blogged about why I started blogging as well but your reasons here are all too familiar! Blogging has definitely helped me improve in such a short amount of time. My creativity which has been on the back burner is not on center stage, I'm loving to write, to think, to connect with people and step outside my comfort zone! Super glad I braved the fear and launched a blog!