30 Films To Watch For Halloween

For Halloween some of you will be going out, while some of you might be staying in.

For myself, I'm taking the train down to London on the evening of Halloween but normally I'd stay in and chill out. Halloween - the Americanised version of it - has never been my thing. I tried celebrating it a couple of times at university by dressing up, having parties and going on a night out to a club, but my experiences have always been negative - because of some of the horrible girls I used to live with - plus club events aren't my thing anyway.

For me, Halloween means staying in, chilling out, relaxing, watching a film and ordering a pizza, and that's what I love. :)

Once I get back down to London I'll probably stay up in my bed till late and watch a scary movie. I don't know what I'll watch - I'll probably just pick whatever's being broadcast on TV at the time.

For those of you who are staying in, here are 30 Halloween films to pick from in no particular order:

1. Casper, The Friendly Ghost
2. Ghostbusters
3. Monster House
4. Hocus Pocus
5. Halloweentown
6. The Nightmare Before Christmas
7. Trick 'r Treat
8. The Addams Family
9. Scream
10. The Woman in Black
11. Beetlejuice
12. Disturbia
13. The Possession
14. Young Frankenstein
15. Corpse Bride
16. The Witches
17. Goosebumps
18. E.T.
19. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
20. Monsters, Inc
21. Gremlins
22. The Goonies
23. Frankenweenie
24. The Shining
25. Psycho
26. A Nightmare on Elm Street
27. The Omen
28. The Others
29. Bride of Frankenstein
30. Night of the Living Dead

Happy Halloween!

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