10 Productive Things To Do This Weekend

Friday, September 09, 2016

The weekends are the best part of the week.

I work Monday to Friday from 8am (or 9am) until 5pm (or 6pm) so I use the weekends as the ultimate opportunity to unwind. However, I make sure that I spend the time productively. It's nice to relax and have lie ins but it's just as important to make sure that I'm spending the time wisely, so here are 10 thing to do on the weekend:

1. Go to the cinema or watch a film at home. Alternatively, watch a theatre show.
2. Meet up with a friend. Go for a coffee or a meal.
3. Declutter and re-organise your bedroom.
4. Do the laundry.
5. Read a book.
6. Visit the countryside (or another city if you are from the city.)
7. Host a dinner party.
8. Read newspapers and magazines on a Sunday morning.
9. Go to the beach or funfair.
10. Blog!

What do you do on the weekends?

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