Places To Have Outfit Photos Taken (Apart From Kensington and Chelsea)

Is it just me, or have you noticed that a lot of style bloggers take photos in similar areas?

Often, the photos are taken outside a beautiful townhouse in an affluent district. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this (I don't take outfit photos so I can't complain) it all seems repetitive. I'd love to see style bloggers and vloggers take photos in the most unlikeliest of places, so here are some ideas:

The park
Ancient ruins
The beach
In a city full of busy streets
By the side of a lake
At a tourist attraction
By the side of the river
At the shopping centre
In a field full of flowers
On quiet cobbled street
In a small quiet town
In the countryside
Where would you take outfit photos?


  1. great post! i really want to do outfit posts but am stuck for places to go this was very helpful :D xo

  2. I would take outfit photos in all of these places! I often will think of a good place to take blog photos but then sadly I can't find that place anywhere near me! Sometimes I wish I lived in Europe or somewhere like NY because it seems like those places make for the best locations.

  3. I love every photo included in this post, they're so gorgeous! I know what you mean about outfit posts, it would shake things up a bit to see someone do something really wild!