"Why are you so skinny?"


Sometimes I'm asked about my body type:
"How are you so skinny?"
"Why are you so skinny?"
"How do you managed to stay skinny?"
"How do you manage to keep weight off?"

For the record I'm slim, not thin, and to be honest I don't think anything bad of these questions because whenever I'm asked there's a sense of awe and a sense of envy - they wish they could be as slim as I am.  I don't have any secrets on how to keep weight off, but I manage to keep my weight down because:
  • I have a high metabolism (which will slow down eventually as I get older.)
  • I cook food from fresh - I cook a lot of vegetables - so I don't eat ready meals and takeaways every night - though I like to treat myself once in a while, and I have a sweet tooth so I love sweets and chocolate.
  • I don't eat massive portions. I tend to eat food in small bowls and I don't order large-sized meals because I don't like to eat more than I should and I hate feeling full.
  • I walk everywhere, especially up hills (I live in Yorkshire, and I'm from an area in South-West London where there are so many hills)  Growing up I always walked everywhere because I attended schools that were close to me.
  • I drink loads of warm water.  Sometimes I drink a huge flask/mug of water with a slice of fresh lemon in it (I recommend this), and I can easily drink 2 litres (8 glasses) of water a day.  Water is good for you anyway (for obvious reasons) but it's also good for increasing your metabolic rate.

There's no secret or miracle.  Also, I'm tall, but I don't know if that's got anything to do with it.

However, sometimes people cross the line with their questions and comments:
  • "You're too thin!"
  • "I don't see you eat anything!"
  • "You look like you don't eat anything!"
  • "What do you cook?  I don't see you cook anything!"
  • "Why are you so tiny?  Don't you ever eat?"
  • "What do you eat?!" 
I'd never experienced 'skinny-shaming' until I moved away to university and started living in student accommodation.  People always complimented me on my body frame (especially because I do eat quite a lot sometimes) so to have someone imply  that I look like I'm starving when I'm perfectly fine health-wise was quite shocking to me.   I could understand if people felt concerned about another person's weight, but there's a difference between showing concern, and making assumptions and being disrespectful.

For the record, I'm tall and slim and I have been this way my entire life.  I'm not too thin/too skinny/too boney/on the verge of suffering with an eating disorder.  Yes, I have skinny arms, and yes, my collarbones are clearly visible but my body healthy and I'm absolutely fine.  I'm not a skeleton.  I weigh around 10 stone and I'm 5 foot 7 inches, so my BMI is 22 which equals healthy!

I admit, when I get very stressed or very ill I lose my appetite and then I lose weight, but this isn't a regular occurrence.  Most of the time, I'm fine!

There's so much body-shaming in society, and women tend to be the victims of it.  We are always bombarded with images in the media of how a woman 'should' look, but what many people fail to recognise is that all bodies come in different shapes and sizes.  It's not a case of one size fits all.  I think it's about time people embraced that rather than making ignorant assumptions about a person's body type.  Also, I think it's extremely damaging to make assumptions about a woman's frame.

After spending a short period of time feeling a bit down about the comments I received from others (men and women) about my body type, I put those stupid statements aside and carried on with my life.  I'm not ashamed of my body.  I own it.  I may not look 'thick' but that's okay.  I love the way I look, and my body type suits me just fine.

I'm slim and I'm proud of it!


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