Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Source: Ashley Ella Design
A coursemate of mine completed this tag and posted it on Facebook, so I thought I'd give it a try!

Four names I go by
1. Chichi
2. Chinyere
3. Cheech
4. Chi

Four places I've lived
1. London
2. Leeds
3. Nottingham
4. Middlesex

Four things I love to watch on TV
1. The Real Housewives
2. Documentaries
3. Coronation Street
4. Gogglebox!

Four places I would like to visit
1. New York City, USA
2. Lisbon, Portugal
3. Florence, Italy
4. Barcelona, Spain.

Four things I love to eat
1. Roast chicken
2. Grilled/smoked salmon
3. Piri piri chips
4. Jollof rice

Favourite drinks
1. Sparkling wine
2. Pink lemonade
3. Coke and lemon
4. Fruity cider

Favourite music artists
1. Joss Stone
2. Sinitta
3. Rihanna
4. Pixie Lott

Favourite films
1. Love Acutally
2. Notting Hill
3. Johnny English (1&2)
4. Ritchie Rich

Favourite magazines I like to read (apart from the ones I write for)
1. Grazia
2. Vogue
3. Look Magazine
4. You Magazine

Favourite fashion retail brands
1. New Look
2. H&M
3. Primark
4. River Island

Favourite beauty brands
1. New Look
2. Barry M
3. Models Own
4. Rimmel London

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