Bloggers Hangout Tea Party

This post is long overdue, but here it is!  I had always intended to write it up as soon as I could, but my dissertation and university assessments took over my life so I had to give up blogging for a while.  Anyway, here's a summary of the Bloggers Hangout Tea Party.
On Monday 4th April 2016 I attended the Bloggers Hangout Tea Party in central London.  The event consisted of stands from up-and-coming food brands.  Even though I don't blog about food I thought I'd go along to the event because it's a good chance to network and meet other bloggers.

I got the chance to sample the items and I got the chance to meet some lovely bloggers, including Aura who managed to get some lovely headshots of me.  Aura is a blogger and photographer based in London who is running a collective featuring black women with natural hairstyles.

Anyway I had a great evening - despite my phone screen being completely smashed up on my journey to the event, but that's another story - and I received a bag of goodies.  Food blogger events aren't my thing - I prefer fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger events - but I wouldn't rule out attending another food blogger event in the future.

Here are some pictures.

Brands featured:
Drink Me Chai Chai Latte
Just Bee Drinks
The Cocoa Den/Kate Burton, Choco;atier
Kefir Smoothie/Biotifuldairy
Jake's Boost
Chika's A Taste of the Exotic
Mead Ho

I would like to thank the team at The Bloggers Hangout for inviting me to this event!

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