30 Things I Love About Summer

I love the summer.  It's my favourite season of the year.  There are so many things that I love about the summer, and there are things that I associate with the summer season.

Here are the things I love about the summer.

1. Sunshine
2. Summer dresses
3. Pimms O' Clock
4. Ice cream, lollies and cold desserts
5. Walkng in the park
6. Blossom trees
7. Longer days, shorter nights
8. Cocktails
9. Butterflies
10. Warm weather - I hate low temperatures
11. The beach
12. Pink lemonade
13. BBQ food
15. Reading in the garden or in the park
16. Blossoming flowers and plants
18. Summer glow
19. Tennis - Wimbledon
20. Al fresco dining and drinking
21. Sunglasses
22. Metallic tattoos
23. Tropical prints
24. Swimsuits
25. Strawberries and cream
26. Tropical holidays
27. Exploring gardens, forests, woods, farms and parks
28. Clear blue skies
29. The smell of freshly cut grass
30. Not having to wear a thick coat

What do you love about the summer?

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