Why It's Good To Go To The Cinema...On Your Own

Okay...some people might think this is weird, but hear me out.

I've never been to the cinema on my own in my entire life, but if I wanted to watch a film and I felt like watching it on my own then I'd probably consider going to the cinema alone, but I would need a bit of extra courage.

I hardly ever go to the cinema anymore because it's so expensive.  It's much cheaper for me to buy popcorn and drinks in the local supermarket and find a film to watch, and it's nicer to watch films in the comfort of my own home.

I don't understand why going to the cinema on your own is a social faux pas, but then again, we live in a society where doing things on your own is seen as strange.  I see nothing wrong with this though, because I used to doing this - I do a lot of things alone.  I window-shop, travel to other cities, go for a walk in the park and attend social events on my own.

Going to the cinema alone is not bad.  It's a good thing!

You don't have to share your popcorn!
I love (sweet) popcorn, and I hate sharing, so I like having popcorn all to myself.

Call me selfish, but that's what I like!

You can watch whatever you want to watch.
Whenever you're in a group you have to watch what the majority want to watch, but if you're own your own you don't need to worry about what film others want to watch.

You can enjoy alone time.
I'm an introvert and I like doing things on my own, and going to the cinema alone is something I could see myself enjoying, even if I got stared at by other people.

You can enjoy watching a film in peace.
Sometimes going out with other groups takes away from the joy of enjoying a movie.  There's always someone who's talking or being distracting in some way, so going alone makes the cinema experience much more enjoyable.

It challenges societal notions.
Going to the cinema alone is frowned upon by society, so going on your own challenges the assumption that you need to go to the cinema with others or you're an anti-social weirdo, and that assumption is a load of BS anyway.  You shouldn't have to feel as though you need to prove your social life exists, and the cinema isn't even a sociable place anyway.  You sit and watch the film in the dark without speaking to each other.  What's sociable about that?

Have you ever been to the cinema on your own?  If you have, how did you find it?

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