Graduation Dress Inspiration!

Last month I completed my final assessments and finished my final year at university!  I'm graduating next month in July and I can't wait!

I've been stressing out over outfits, ordering my gown and sorting out photography.  I've picked out three outfits and I have the shoes and bags sorted, and I need to get my hair done!  I have a lot of events to attend in July (in London) and I have to pack up my things and move out of my flat so I'm stressing out so much.

Even though I have three dresses picked out, I will only wear one.  In fact, out of the three dresses, I have a favourite that I think I will definitely wear!  Even though I have a lot of lovely dresses in my wardrobe, I have been eyeing up dresses over the past couple of months and I like what I see.  If you're graduating this summer (or attending someone else' graduation) and you still haven't picked out the perfect dress for you, then take a look at these lovely dresses!

Are you graduating this summer? Which dress would you pick?

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