Beach Body Ready: How To Get A Bikini Body

This time of year brings about the adverts and the articles on how to get the 'perfect' beach body.

But what is the perfect 'beach body'?  Isn't that subjective?

I'm not exactly 'beach body ready.'  I am slim but I'm not toned, plus I don't have the confidence to put a bikini.  I prefer swimsuits.

I think the whole concept of the bikini body is flawed.  Often in the ads the image of the bikini body consists of a skinny (white) woman with a thigh gap and long flowing (blonde/brunette) locks, but we all don't look like that!  To assume that all women should look like that for the summer or on their travels is not realistic. I'm not blonde-haired, I'm not white, I'm not skinny (I'm slim, there's a difference) and I don't have a thigh gap.  What about women like myself?  Can't we have bikini bodies too?

To me, it's a load of nonsense, because women have different body shapes and sizes, and any woman can wear a bikini is she wants to, regardless of her body shape and size.  In fact, a woman can wear what the hell she wants regardless of body shape and size.

It's good to see people challenging the notion of the bikini body, because for most of us, it does not exist.

So how do you get beach body ready?  How do you get a bikini body?

The answer is simple: put a bikini on your body and head off to the beach!

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