Barry M Wishlist!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I love Barry M!

I have been using Barry M products (mainly nail polishes) for several years now and I've never been disappointed (except for the time when I purchased their Croc nail polish) so I shall always been loyal to the brand.  I randomly discovered Barry M on a shopping trip in Superdrug when I was younger, and I haven't stopped buying from Barry M ever since.  Undoubtedly, it is one of my favourite cosmetic brands ever.

Barry M have a variety of cosmetics to choose from, and it always stays up to date with the latest trends and it always releases new collections.  I recently purchased the Barry M Coconut Infusion collection and I've been impressed so far.

I always eyeing up Barry M products because I'm such as huge Barry M fan.  I have so many Barry M nail polishes but I rarely try out other products, but what from the reviews I've read from other beauty bloggers, I always hear positive reviews, so I would like to expand my evergrowing personal Barry M collection!

Here's my Barry M wishlist!

What's your favourite Barry M product?

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  1. I still have that croc nail polish that u gave to me not to keen either but other products are impressive



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