Why I'm Such A Bitch (Apparently)*

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This is such a weird post...

I've pretty much spent my whole life - childhood and university - being insulted on a regular basis, and the word 'bitch' seems to be the common word used by someone who doesn't like me in order to describe me.  If I had a pound for the amount of times I've been called a rude bitch, then I'd probably have a lot of money!

I absolutely hate this word, but I'm turning the notion of what it means to be be a bitch on its head.

I'm a 'bitch' because...

I know what I want...
...even when I don't know exactly what I want, and I always work hard for what I want.

I am quite assertive and confident.
I'm not afraid to stick up for myself (any more) and say what I feel is right.  I'm quite argumentative, defensive and combative so I don't like to back down if I feel as though I'm being attacked and put down in any way.

I am self-assured.
I know exactly who I am, what I believe in and what I'm all about.

I am not afraid to say no.
If I don't like something, or I don't want to do something, then I'm not afraid to say no, and I am very aware of my right to consent.

I am not afraid to stand up for myself.
If someone wants to come for me then I'll come right back at them.  It's in my nature to be defensive and argumentative.

I am not a wallflower.
I can't tolerate being treated like dirt, and I can't let that go. I can't turn the other cheek.  I don't let people walk all over me and get away with it, and I'm not afraid to cut someone off for treating me poorly.

I have a lot of respect for myself.
I have a lot of self-respect, and I absolutely don't respect for those who don't respect me.  Respect is a two-way street.

I know my worth.
I know my worth and I feel a sense of value.  I'm human.  I'm a person with thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, values and beliefs like everyone else, and those deserve to be respected too.

I am quite guarded
I can come across as though I don't like to let on too much about myself when I first meet people, but it's nothing personal.  However, I don't owe anyone my life story and I really don't appreciate it when people take my 'guardedness' as an excuse to 'break me down' and treat me like their 'project.'

I'll come out of my shell in my own time.

I'm a bit headstrong.
I can be quite strong-willed, but I can't help it.  I hate authority (if you're an authority figure we will not get along) and I really don't like being told what to do, how to be, how to think, what to think or how I should live my life.

Not sorry.

I cut toxic people out of my life.
If you treat me (or others) badly then I'll find a way to cut you out of my life.  I see people for who/what they are and if you are a nasty piece of work then I don't want you around me.  End of story.

I believe in personal rights, personal power, agency and autonomy.
I have a personal bill of rights that I choose to live by, and I believe in living life as you please and being in control of your own destiny.  I like to make my own decisions, and I'd like to keep it that way.

I have goals and expectations.
I'm extremely ambitious.  I want the best out of life and I don't apologise for that.

I don't feel as though I owe anyone an explanation for how I choose to live my life...

...and I don't feel the need to justify myself.  I am who I am.

I have an opinion and a mind of my own.
I don't follow the crowd and 'piggyback' off other people's views/thoughts/opinions/beliefs/ideologies/dogmas.  I have a mind of my own and I think for myself.  I don't need to be told how/what to think.  I can come up with my own views, thoughts and opinions.


*I'm not the type of person to go around using the word, and I don't think I'm a 'bad bitch' or anything like that...in fact, I don't really think I am a bitch at all.  This post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, and a bit of a joke.

I just happen to be a woman who's assertive, confident and self-assured, and I couldn't care less if other people see that as a bad thing.

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  1. You don't know how much I loved this post! I like how self-assured you are. You are my kinda girl.

  2. You don't know how much I loved this post! I like how self-assured you are. You are my kinda girl.



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