What Not To Say To A Makeup Lover

I previously wrote about the reasons why I wear makeup.

Most days when I go out I wear makeup, and I never wear makeup when I'm at home.  Most of all, I love wearing makeup.  I see using makeup as a way of beautifying myself and I always believe that makeup enhances the beauty that's already present.

Most of the time, people either compliment my makeup look or they don't say anything at all, but once in a while - in fact very rarely - someone will make a silly remark about why I wear makeup.

"You wear too much makeup."
No I don't.  I only wear mascara, eyeliner, lip balm, lip pencil (sometimes) and lipstick/lip crayon/lip gloss.

"That [insert beauty product here] doesn't suit you."
I know myself very well and so I'd like to think that I know what suits me and what's best for me.  Unless you are a makeup artist at a cosmetics counter in a department store, then you can't tell me what does and doesn't suit me.

Even if a particular makeup product or shade doesn't suit me, isn't it up to me to determine that?  Isn't it up to me to make that mistake?  I'm sure we've all made beauty, fashion and styling mistakes in our lives!

"You wear the same shades/makeup look."
Yes I do.  What's wrong with that?

I always wear black eyeliner, black mascara and purple lipstick/lipgloss/lip crayon.  If I feel like a change that I'd wear a dark red lipstick/lipgloss/lip crayon.  I always wear those shades because I like them and I feel comfortable wearing those shades.  I won't wear something that doesn't make me uncomfortable - i.e. I don't wear orange lipgloss because I wouldn't feel comfortable!

"You shouldn't wear makeup."
Why shouldn't I?

I'll wear makeup if I want to.

"You shouldn't wear makeup just to please a man."
That's right - a woman shouldn't wear makeup in order to please a man, but you can't assume that all women wear makeup for the sole purpose of pleasing men or attracting a man.  I wear makeup for myself, not for anyone else?

"You should wear [insert makeup product here] instead  Why don't you wear that?"
Because I don't want to!  I'm satisfied with the cosmetics I currently use!

"You shouldn't spend your money on makeup."
Why shouldn't I?  It's my money, and I do work hard to earn it so if I want to treat myself then I will.

Just to add, I'm not stupid, impulsive and reckless with money, and I have my priorities straight, so I'm not the type of person to go out and spend on material items when I need to pay my rent and bills.

"You own too much makeup."
To be honest that is right.  I have to loads of nail polishes and I quite a lot of makeup, but so what?  I'm not harming anybody and the amount of makeup I own doesn't affect anyone else in a negative way.  I also give away makeup because I like to do nice deeds and I see no point in hoarding makeup (I'm not a hoarder anyway.)

So what if I love wearing makeup?  So what if I spend my spare money on makeup?  So what if I wear makeup most days?  My face is my face and I'll put makeup on it if I want to!

Are you a makeup lover?

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