Travel Wishlist: North Africa

I have never been to North Africa but I have friends who have, and they loved it!  I have a couple of friends who have been to Morocco, and I know people who have been to Egypt, and I have heard nothing but good things.

I have always been under the impression that North Africa is a beautiful place, and a place that I would love to explore.  Plus, I'd love to ride a camel!

I would love to take a trip to Egypt.  In fact, I have always wanted to take a trip to Egypt.  My fascination with Egypt started in school when I learned about the country.  It's a country full of history and architecture.

The next place I'd love to visit is Morocco.  Like I said before I have a couple of friends who have visited Morocco and from what they have said to me it's a beautiful place full of culture and ancient sites so I'd definitely love to immerse myself in that.  Plus, I'd love to taste the cuisine!

Then I'd love to visit Tunisia.  I'm aware that Tunisian culture has been influenced by various groups of people over the previous centuries, so I'd love to learn about this a lot more.  I'd love to get a feel of many aspects of the culture: the music, the food, the literature, the arts, etc.

Hopefully in the future I'll be able to visit these countries in the future!

Where would you love to visit?

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