"Places To Travel To Before You Age."

Friday, April 29, 2016

Over the past year or so I've seen so many articles and blog posts which have titles like:

"Places to visit before you're 30."
"Why you should travel while you're in your twenties."
"Why you need to travel while you're still young."
"Why every woman should travel in her twenties."
"Why every woman should travel before she 'settles down'"

And so on.

Enough already!

I wrote a post about things I want to do before I die, which I think is fair enough, but I think it's quite narrow-minded to subscribe to the notion that travelling is something you should do at a certain point in your life, and something you should do before certain events/milestones/transitions - i.e. turning 30, getting married, having kids, paying for a mortgage.

Well, I refuse to subscribe to that mentality.  I think it places limitations on the individual, and fails to acknowledge other people's circumstances and desires.

I've never been the person to say "By this age I should have done this and that."  I don't think in that way whatsoever because life is an unpredictable learning curve so you can't assume that you would have achieved a particular goal by a certain age.  I love having goals but I don't hold myself against them.  I think it's much better to take life slowly and to take each day as it comes, and that's why you'll never hear me say "By this age I should have done this and that."  Everyone is different.  We don't have our lives mapped out and that's okay.  Plus, age is nothing but a number once you reach adulthood...

...and this leads me onto my next point: since when was travelling limited to your twenties?  You can travel at any age, and why the hell not?!  I have very limited travelling experience, but I plan on travelling to many places in the world (and in the UK) until the day I die.

Also, I know everyone's circumstances vary, but why should a married woman not be able to travel?  I understand it's hard with kids and bills to pay, but why should particular responsibilities hold you back?

The way I see it, there are three things that hold a person back from travelling:
Time and opportunity
Responsibilities (i.e. paying rent on a flat, looking after kids, studying at university, entering employment, etc.)

I've seen articles and posts about how anyone should be able to travel if they want it so much - another pet peeve of mine because travelling is a privilege but I'll speak about that another time.  There are a lot of posts and articles that don't acknowledge that for some people, travelling is something they may be unable to do (myself included) and those articles refuse to acknowledge the fact that there are so many different groups of people from all walks of life who have the desire to travel.  So what if they are considered to be too old?

It's ridiculous how society assumes that once you are past a certain age, 'freedom' ceases to exist.

It's also ridiculous how society assumes that at a certain age you should be able to travel on a whim.  I'm in my early 20s, but I can't travel at the moment.

If you want to travel (and you are able to) then go ahead.  Forget what the articles say.

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