I have good news.

You may or may not have realised this, but I am currently working as a NYX Insider for cosmetics brand NYX!

My role involves promoting NYX on campus, on my social media channels and on my blog.  Also, the role means I get to try out NYX make-up which is great!

In order to train for the role, I attended a training day at L'Oreal's headquarters in Hammersmith, West London, and I had so much fun.  I learned so much about the brand.  NYX was started in Los Angeles, California but over the past few months NYX has launched in the UK and it has now been acquired by L'Oreal.  Over the past few months I kept on hearing about NYX through the beauty blogging community and I was slowly falling in love with the brand, and since testing out the products I realise how amazing NYX is, and I love what it's all about.  The founder of NYX, Toni Ko, set out to create a beauty brand that's high-end in quality but sold at affordable prices.

Anyway, back to the training day.  I learned in-depth about NYX, its products and the role of an NYX Insider, and I pretty much swatched every single product available.  Also, I had the chance to meet other NYX Insiders.  The L'Oreal headquaters is pretty and walking into the NYX was like walking into beauty heaven!  Not only that, but NYX will launch concessions in Boots in various regions in the country, so that's exciting to know!

And...we all received a goody bag!

In this goody bad I received: the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen, the NYX Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner, the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, the NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray, and the NYX Wonder Stick in shade WS04 (Universal Color.)
I don't know what else to say, but I am so glad and so grateful to have been offered this role, and I'm so happy to be working with NYX. It's quite a big role to take on but it's a big deal for me because I love all things beauty, and I have done since I was a child.  I love featuring cosmetics on my blog and collaborating with beauty brands, so this is a fantastic opportunity.  I love experimenting with cosmetics and discussing all things beauty with my friends and other bloggers.  For myself, beauty is my passion.  Whenever I walk into a beauty hall, I feel like a kid in a candy shop, and I could easily spend hours in a beauty hall.  For myself, beauty is an expression of my identity.

I've always considered entering the beauty industry in some way, and after attending the NYX training day I feel even more motivated to do so.  Ideally I'd love a career in beauty marketing/PR/content writing, or I'd like to collaborate with beauty brands on a freelance basis.  Also, attending the NYX training day has made me feel much more motivated to 'up my game' when it comes down to beauty blogging.  I'm not an expert but I love talking about beauty and sharing my recommendations on my blog but I feel as though I could write more beauty posts because I have a lot of potential.  There are a lot of things I could say about beauty, so the list of ideas is endless.

Anyway, you will probably see more NYX-oriented posts on my blog and social media channels (if you haven't already) so watch out and watch this space!

Check out NYX cosmetics here, here, here, here and here.

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