My Money, My Rules

Don't you just love it when people feel entitled to ask intrusive questions about how you spend/don't spend your (hard-earned) money?


Me neither.

I can't say I've always been smart when it comes to spending money, but I've always been sensible.  From a young age I've always saved money, and I learned to budget.  Now that I'm an adult I am so grateful I learned these lessons from childhood because those 'habits' have stuck with me to this day.  I've never been the type of person to 'blow' my money or spend impulsively.  As a result of learning how to budget I find I tend to think very carefully before making a purchase, so I'm a bit of a slow shopper.

It also helps that I have a very strong work ethic, and I've worked in jobs since the age of 18 (though I wish I'd started working earlier,) so work ethnic + working in employment = understanding the importance of money and understanding that one has to work hard in order to earn money.  It doesn't come handed on a plate!  Also, I didn't grow up poor but I didn't grow up rich either so I've always understood the value of money.

I'm a little bit money motivated.  I always have been.  In fact, I love having money.  I don't have enough zeros in my bank account!  Even when I was a child I would dream about earning my own money and becoming financially independent.  Currently I have a couple of (casual) jobs (I had three at one point) and I have three savings accounts.  I've been earning money and saving money, and apart from spending a lot of money treating myself to beauty products and socialising for my birthday and in the lead up to Christmas last year, I've been quite sensible.

I've had to be responsible too.  I have important things to pay for - such as rent, bills, food, books, insurance, phone and travel - so I can't go spending like crazy!  But I guess that's just how I am am.  I've always been sensible to I tend to prioritise and deal with the important things first.  As a university student surviving on the basic loan it's so important to learn how to budget.

Despite this, I've met a lot of people at university who have been extremely irresponsible with money, and their attitudes towards money.  A lot of them spend like there's no tomorrow and it's crazy.  Some people say that for a lot of students, receiving the student loan is the first time they've ever received money.  To be honest that's not an excuse, but then it's easy for me to say that because I worked before going to university.

I've met people who have completely blown their loans and grants on things like designer goods, nights out, shopping sprees, gadgets, eating out and alcohol.

Being level-headed with money in a sea of impulsive spenders has been quite hard at times because I have often been pressured to spend my money.  A lot of people don't understand that I don't want to spend my money on material things, so they treat me as an oddity.  Instead of respecting my decision, they choose to interrogate me and expect me to justify myself.

"You should buy that."
"Why don't you want to buy that?"
"Why don't you spend your money?"
"I don't see you spend your money."
"You never ever go shopping!"
"You never spend your money."
"Why don't you want to shop for material items."
"You should go out and spend."

All I can say in response is this...

"My money, my rules."

I'll spend my money on whatever I want, and I don't see why I should justify my (lack of) spending habits to anyone.

Deal with it.

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