Confessions of an Introvert

I've always been an introvert.

I wonder if it's down to genetics or circumstances, but I actually like being this way.

I always made an effort with people but a lot of the times my efforts were thrown back in my face.  All my life people have set out to hurt me and walk all over me, so I'm very cautious of people and I always keep my guard up.  I don't like to surround myself with lots of people, I'm quite withdrawn and distant sometimes, and I prefer to have a small group of close friends.

It's the best way.

I wonder if I'm just this way naturally.  I've never been the type of person to need a lot of people around me.  I like to keep my distance and do my own things, and after all that I've been through (dealing with isolation, rejection, loneliness and lack of support) it's the best way.  Sometimes it's better for me to be on my own than to surround myself with toxic people.

Sometimes I'm better off on my own and that's not a bad thing!

I prefer my own company.  I like being on my own.  I love hanging out with my friends and I strongly value the time that we do spend together but I also need 'me time'.  Alone time is sacred.

I have a small group of friends.  I don't like to have to have a lot of close people in my life.  In the past I always made the mistake of attracting the wrong types of people - fake friends and acquaintances - and having too many people of this type around me.  These days I'm a lot more careful with who I choose to spend my time with, and I don't simply hang out with people, I spend more of my time maintaining healthy, fulfilling and happy friendships.

I am very independent and self-sufficient.  I am not co-dependent and I do not feel the need to rely or depend on others.  I can do things on my own and I am more than capable of doing things for myself.

I like to keep myself to myself.  I like my own space (and I like it when people respect my space) and I keep away from trouble.

Speaking of space, my space is VERY important to me and I have VERY strong boundaries, so I really hate it when people set out to cross the line.

As a result, I'm very guarded and I don't like to let people into my life easily.

I avoid toxic drama and confrontation.  I just don't like getting involved because I really don't like negativity.

I'm observant.  I'm very aware of my surroundings and other people's actions, and I'm hypervigilant.

Sometimes I need to time-out and recharge.  I love spending time with my friends but I can't spend time with others 24/7.  I need some alone time, it's just as important!

I want to live alone.  I don't like living with other people and I really need my own personal space.

I don't always want to have conversations with people.  Sometimes I just don't always feel like talking and I'm not one for petty talk, but when it comes to have conversations with my friends I like to go in-depth.

I like going out but I like staying in too.  Staying in is just as fun as going out!

I don't like intrusive people.  I really hate nosy people who ask too many questions.  Mind your damn business!  Asking loads of questions will not make me open up to you!

I love doing things alone.  I think we all need to try things alone, such as shopping alone, drinking in a coffee shop alone, going to a museum by myself, studying in the library by myself, discovering and exploring places on my own, etc.  I thrive on my own, and tere are certain things I don't like to do in groups of people.

Sometimes it's hard to be blunt, so I've learned to avoid people.

I like one-on-one meetups with friends. I love meeting up with my friends but it's nice to see a friend one-on-one.

I don't like big crowds.  I find it hard to socialise when I'm surrounded by big groups of people.

I don't like clingy people.  They don't respect my space and they make me feel as though I'm suffocating.

I don't need to rely on others to make me feel better, which is why I don't surround myself with people all the time.

I don't trust people easily.  I've been hurt a lot in my life so I'm not a trusting person and I'm extremely guarded.

However, despite being an introvert, I make an effort to socialise with people and I'm quite nice and civil.  I'm not shy, I'm not flaky and I don't make excuses for not going out and seeing my friends.  Just to add, being introverted doesn't mean that I suffer with social anxiety and I'm not socially awkward, whatever that means.  I'm not lonely, and I'm not a recluse.

But...I'd never change being an introvert.  I thrive better when I'm on my own and I don't need to depend on the company of others.

Like I said before, sometimes I like being by myself and there's nothing wrong with that!

Are you an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert?


  1. Interesting post, I think I'm quite similar to you! I'm always aware of my surroundings/people around me. Would love if you could check out my recent post? X

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