Coconut Lane's Luxe Range

Monday, April 04, 2016

It's here!

Coconut Lane - the online fashion, interiors and accessories boutique - has just launched its Luxe range.

The collection consists of luxurious and sophisticated items - phone cases, sunglasses and cushions - for the ultimate 'Coconut Queen.'  I have been eyeing up the collection and I'm quite impressed, though I strongly suspect there are more 'luxe' items to come which will be added to the collection, so I will be keeping my eyes peeled.

Here are my top picks from the range.

Gold Marble iPhone Case, £18
Pink Snake iPhone Case, £16
Miami Rose Gold Sunglasses, £24
Miami Turquoise Sunglasses, £24
Silky Gold Marble Cushion Cover, £22

Shop the Luxe collection here.

P.S. Get 20% off using discount code CHICHI20.

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