My Ultimate Bucket List: 50 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Thursday, March 03, 2016

1. Learn to swim.

2. Learn to drive.

3. Learn Spanish (and Portuguese.)

4. Travel the UK and the world.

5. Become self-employed.

6. Buy my own home.

7. Find inner peace.

8. Learn to love myself (working on this at the moment).

9. Go on a shopping trip to New York City.

10. Learn to play the piano again.

11. Go on a staycation.

12. Go on a spa break.

13. Go to London Fashion Week.

14. Visit The White House.

15. Fly First Class.

16. Hire a personal shopper for the day (preferably at Topshop.)

17. Go out for afternoon tea.

18. Go on a cable car.

19. Release my own nail polish collection.

20. Watch plays in the West End.

21. Visit The Shard.

22. Go to a music concert.

23. Go to a Christmas market in Germany.

24. Visit New York around Christmastime.

25. Watch a tennis match at Wimbledon.

26. Be more assertive (working on this right now!)

27. Eat a full English Breakfast at a local cafe.

28. Go on a shopping spree in a beauty hall.

29. Visit a castle - I've done this before but I want to do it again!

30. Visit a stately home.

31. Visit Kew Gardens - I've done this before but I want to do this again.

32. Get a degree - obviously I am working on this right now!

33. Earn money from blogging and writing, and have a successful and profitable career as a writer.

34. Watch a polo match.

35. Live on my own - I really want to do this!!!

36. Work as a voice artist.

37. Write/co-author/ghost-write a book.

38. Buy my own car.

39. Train up to be a journalist.

40. Appear in the audience of one my favourite TV shows (probably HIGNFY.)

41. Attend an awards show.

42. Ride a camel.

43. Get fit - I cook fresh food from scratch most nights, I walk everywhere and I have a high metabolism but I'd rather be a gym bunny.  I just need some motivation.

44. Ride a bike/scooter - I used to do this as a child but I don't do this anymore :(

45. Take up a sport - either rounders or boxing.

46. Learn to play chess.

47. Take up martial arts.

48. Take sabbatical.

49. Fall in love with someone who appreciate me for who I am.

50. Take up dancing.

What's on your bucket list?

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