Magnitone Review!

Hey all!

I received the Magnitone kit and I couldn't wait to blog about it!

Here's my review!

I was kindly sent the Magnitone kit and here it is!

The box comes with the Magnitone device and the brush head, a wireless USB cable, a travel bag, the warranty and the membership card (which you need to register in order to activate the warranty.)  My only criticism is that I would have preferred to have received a power adapter instead, but hey-ho!

Magnitone works as an electronic and vibrating ex-foliating brush.  I've been using Magnitone for a while now and I love it!  It's become a part of my skincare regimen.

I normally apply a cleansing lotion all over my face - currently I'm using Simple's Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash.  Then I switch on the Magnitone brush and I use over my face, going in circular motions.  What I love about the brush is that it indicates when you should switch to another part of the face so that the whole face gets even coverage.

After a couple of minutes, the brush switches off, meaning that you're done.  Then you wash off the facial/clensing wash.

I've been using Magnitone every night as part of my nightime routine and I've noticed a difference.  My face feels a lot smoother and there are less bumps and rashes.  I admit, it's not just because of Magnitone - there are other parts of my routine - but it has made a huge difference.

Magnitone is expensive (RRP £70), but I definitely think it's worth having as part of your skincare routine!  Use discount code BUZZME. ;)

*I was kindly sent the Magnitone kit but all opinions are my own!

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