"You Have To Create Your Own Definition Of Success."

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's taken me a long time to realise this fact, but now I know it: success is subjective, not objective.

Throughout my who childhood I was always trying too hard to fit in with other people's ideas of success and what they wanted me to be, but that was unrealistic and detrimental.  People always tried to trip me up, halt or hinder my achievements, and set me up for failure, because what they thought was best for my "success" was best for themselves and no one else.

I've since realised that it's so important to surround myself with good people who truly believe in me.  I'm so grateful for my friends, because they are the only ones who have truly supported me and have always encouraged me to go beyond achieving my dreams.

Ultimately, my success comes down to me and what I want to achieve out of life.  I have to create that path myself.

I decided long ago that I needed to be in control of my own destiny, and that meant not letting other people take control of my life and my decisions.  I realised that in order to be truly happy and in order to live the life I want, I couldn't let other people or obstacles in society get in the way.  There are so many things I want to do with my life and so many things I want to achieve.  My definition of success might be someone else's definition of failure but that doesn't matter.  There are so many things I have achieved already and so many things I have yet to achieve, and as long as I'm happy with my successes to date then that's fine.  What others people think is not relevant in my case, and quite frankly, I'm so done with being the people-pleaser.  I refuse to conform to other people's expectations.  My personal expectations are more important, and since choosing to live life my way, I've never felt happier and more blessed.

I've always wanted to be successful.  I've always wanted to live my own life, but on my terms, not anyone else's, and that's what I deserve.

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