Women with Natural Hair Have Low Self-Esteem Apparently

According to an article by The News Nerd, the afro hair:
- Is an 'undesirable' look.
- Is not appropriate for a business environment, with many employers viewing afro hair as untidy.
- Is messy, causing many women to feel inadequate.  These feelings of inadequacy causes women with afro hair to feel low self-esteem, and it even causes them to lash out at women with straightened hair!
- Makes women feel less pretty than women with chemically straightened hair.

I have afro hair, and I think that this 'study' (if you can call it that) is a load of rubbish.  Afro hair is not undesirable or messy, and it is not inappropriate for the workplace.

As for the claim that afro hair causes women to lash out at women with chemically-straightened hair...that is almost laughable.  I have never lashed out at a woman with straight hair in my life!

I don't feel inadequate, my hair is not a mess, it doesn't look unprofessional and I don't have feelings of inadequacy and jealousy.  Most of all, my afro hair doesn't cause me to feel a sense of low self-esteem.

Throughout my childhood I did suffer with low self-esteem, and I didn't like my hair at all.  A lot of people I knew with chemically-straightened hair would set out to make me feel bad for having natural hair.  Now I'm learning to love myself and to love who I am.

I admit, taking care of afro hair takes a lot of work and I am still learning, but I like my hair, and I would never go back to chemically-straightening it.  I often braid my hair because this is my preference and I like to put my hair in a protective style.

Having afro hair doesn't make me inferior.

Afro hair is beautiful, and a stupid study isn't going to change that fact.

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