It's Nice To Be Nice

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm not one brag/boast/to blow my own trumpet, but I do consider myself to be a kind person.

When I first meet someone I'm quite guarded and I like to keep my cards very close to my chest, but that doesn't make me a cold-hearted bitch.  My heart is not made of stone.  Once you get to know me then you'll see that I'm kind, lovely, caring and considerate, with a heart of gold.

I've always been like that throughout my life.  Even though I'm certainly not perfect by any means, I can't think of a period of time in my life where I was horrible or evil.

I think it's nice to be nice, yet throughout my life I've always been treated poorly in response by so many people.  I've been hurt and let down by so many people in the past despite being a good person.

Throughout my life I've been in so many situations where people have treated me so badly in spite of/despite/as a result of my niceness.  I've met so many people who have taken my niceness for weakness, and have set out to take advantage of me because of my niceness, and I admit that's devastating.  What makes me feel worse is when people say things like "You're too nice, no wonder people take advantage of you, you should be rude."

FYI: I'm not "too nice", and I'm not going to start being horrible to people.  I have moments where I'm assertive and able to stick up for myself - I'm not afraid to do this.  I may be nice, but I'm not stupid and I refuse to tolerate bullshit any longer, but whenever I stand up for myself certain individuals are quick to accuse me of being a "rude bitch."  There's a difference between being assertive and being a bitch, but I guess most people don't like a woman who's outspoken and challenging.  Even when I'm assertive, some people seem unwilling to drop the issue.

Being kind doesn't make me a fucking doormat.

Nevertheless, I'm at a stage in my life where I feel like I can't be the sweet-natured girl I was once, and that feels very sad and disappointing.  I feel so distant from other people because of it, and now I'm only willing to share my true self with a small group of close friends.  I'm not a trusting person anyway and I have very little faith in humanity, and even though I hope that one day the world will be a much better place the cynic/sceptic in me tells me that that's never going to happen.  I think the world could benefit from having more good people, but sometimes I think evil wins (unfortunately.)

On another note: why do bad things happen to good people?

Anyway, back on topic...

I was feeling down and out about being a kind person when I saw this post on Instagram...
Via Em Sheldon on Instagram
I know the feeling, and quite frankly, I'm so sick and tired of it all.  I'm fed up of some people acting like total bitches towards me.  I'm fed up of people trying to 'one-up' me.  I'm fed up of people trying to tear me down.  I'm fed up people making negative comments.  I'm fed up of people trying to dictate to me how I should live my life.  I've fed up of other people's judgements.

Most of all, I am absolutely fucking sick and tired of people taking advantage of my niceness and seeing it as a indication of weakness.

Enough is enough!

Seriously.  Enough already!

It's not hard to be nice you know!  And being nice isn't a bad thing, it's a trait to be admired!  There's nothing wrong with being  a kind-hearted person.

I'm all about positive vibes.

Nowadays, I'd rather channel my energy into other things.  I prefer to stay focused on the people who treat me right.  I'd rather be kind to those who truly deserve it, not just anyone.  Not everyone deserves my kindness to be honest.

However, I'm not going to change who I am.

Spread the love and kindness people!

It's nice to be nice.

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