High End Wishlist: Net-A-Porter

I don't purchase high-end items - I'm a student! I'm have a small budget so I shop for clothes, accessories and beauty items in high street retailers, and that's cool because I am (and I will always be) a high-street girl at heart!

However, I can help but take a peek at high end items! I always see fabulous designer pieces and I think "when I'm rich, I be able to purchase that!" Hahaha! Anyway, I sometimes surf the Net-A-Porter website because the online fashion retailer sells luxury and designer pieces, and I like to have a look. I can't help it! I can't purchase any of the items on there because I'm such a poor student (I have to survive on the basic loan and earnings from a couple of casual jobs), but I can create a wishlist! And why the hell not?!

Here's my Net-A-Porter wishlist!
What's on your high-end wishlist?

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