Coconut Oil: What's The Big Deal?

Over the course of the previous year, I noticed a growing trend in the blogging, hair, beauty and fitness communities: the use of coconut oil in meals, on skin and on hair.

Now, coconut oil (and other coconut products such as coconut water) is extremely popular.  Quite often pictures of coconut oil appear quite often on my Instagram feed, and articles and posts on coconut oil reviews appear on my Twitter timeline on a regular basis.

But what's the big deal?  Why is coconut oil so trendy and popular all of a sudden?  Why?

I can understand why so many people feel so satisfied with coconut oil now that they have 'discovered' its benefits, but what's the big deal?  Coconut oil has been around for centuries and its always had its benefits, so why is it that so many people have only caught onto this now?

Isn't so ironic how certain things become so trendy?

Anyway, coconut oil is amazing and it definitely has its benefits.  Coconut oil is great for the skin and hair, especially afro hair.  Coconut oil is so smooth and moisturising.  It's a product I've used on my hair and skin for years and even though it's quite expensive I'll never stop using it because it alleviates dryness.  My skin is prone to dryness in the winter months and afro hair is prone to dryness so I use Superdrug's Coconut Oil.  I like products with a coconut scent so I use shampoos, conditioners, soaps, handwash and body wash with coconut fragrances.  However, I don't use it on my face because it can cause my face to break out in spots.

As for my diet, I love eating coconut (and I love Bounty!), and I like drinking fresh coconut water but I don't drink it often.  I don't cook with coconut oil (I prefer olive oil) and I don't think I ever have.  Apparently coconut oil is not as healthy as other oils because it has a high level of saturated fat.

Anyway, coconut oil is so good for the skin and hair, and it always has been, regardless of whether or not it is on trend!

That is all.


  1. I don't know why it has got so trendy recently, my mum has been using it for about ten years! x

  2. Do you know, I actually picked up a maaaaaassive tub of coconut oil in Superdrug the other week but put it back?! I need to try it asap! xx

    Jasmine ||

    1. Yep, I definitely reccommend it! :)

  3. Definitely like to eat a bounty! And have drank coconut water as its very hydrating (after sweaty yoga) and easy on sore tummy! I have used it in my hair for years, but I have notice this trend gain momentum!